Complete copy of the April, 1990 issue of the “Harvard Law Revue”

An article by Jodi Kantor published in the New York Times on January 28, 2007, about Barack Obama’s presidency of the Harvard Law Review (here) mentioned the April, 1990 issue of the “Harvard Law Revue,” a parody issue which was published each year in connection with the spring Law Review banquet.

The article quotes a mock self-tribute in the parody issue purportedly written by Obama, in which he traces his purported biographical roots. However, there is quite a bit more in this issue of the Revue bearing on Obama, and also relating to various other points which this blog will aim to explore.

For example, here’s the back cover of the Revue (not mentioned in the New York Times article or any other coverage of Obama to date), which sheds further light on how Obama’s activities and mode of self-presentation were contemporaneously viewed by his Harvard classmates:


On the assumption that interested observers may wish to read and judge for themselves the relevance, if any, of this Revue issue, one which apparently has not yet been posted on the Internet, a complete copy is posted below, in the form of 23 individual JPEG images of sufficiently high quality to yield a readable printout. To read any page, click on the thumbnail; to enlarge the image, click on the top row, 5th button from the left.

(For readers wishing to download a copy, a ZIP file containing all 23 JPEG images is posted here. A PDF file posted is here.)


1990Revue01 1990Revue02 1990Revue03 1990Revue04 1990Revue05 1990Revue06 1990Revue07 1990Revue08 1990Revue09 1990Revue10 1990Revue11 1990Revue12 1990Revue13 1990Revue14 1990Revue15 1990Revue16 1990Revue17 1990Revue18 1990Revue19 1990Revue20 1990Revue21 1990Revue22 1990Revue23


About this blog

This blog is inspired, in both name and substance, by the recent article in the New York Observer discussing the efforts of liberal professors at Harvard, particularly Harvard Law School, on behalf of Democratic party presidential candidate Barack Obama. Led by law school professor Laurence Tribe (who the Observer terms the head of the “Harvard Law Mafia”), these professors are extolling Obama’s law school record and are helping bankroll Obama’s campaign.

The article is part of the Observer‘s tongue-in-cheek “It’s Obamalot!” theme, which reflects on the breathless enthusiasm surrounding Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, reminiscent of the enthusiasm which accompanied the Broadway opening of “Monty Python’s Spamalot.” The article, by Anna Schneider-Mayerson, is posted online here.

Following on the failed presidential bids of Ted Kennedy (1980), Michael Dukakis (1988), and John Forbes Kerry (2004), Obama is the latest product of Massachusetts who these liberal Harvard professors hope will bring about a rebirth of the “Camelot” era of JFK’s presidency (an image which, however illusory and however the product of master spin, seems to persist in the minds of Harvard professors) — with Harvard professors, of course, serving as the Knights of the Round Table.

Conservative commentator Carol Platt Liebau has observed (here) that there is another side to be told regarding Obama’s record and reputation at Harvard which has so far received little if any attention. This blog aims to provide more complete information about, and a critical perspective on, the Harvard-Obama connection.

Obama’s stewardship of the Harvard Law Review is particularly worthy of attention given his relative youth; the emphasis which has been placed on him having served as the first American-American president of the Review; and the fact that (unlike most if not all other major candidates for President of the United States) Obama’s presidency of the Review is apparently the only executive leadership position of any note which he has ever held.

Finally, certain policy positions and intellectual schools of thoughts which Obama in his Harvard years (or immediately thereafter) promoted or at least acquiesced in, which apparently have deep roots in his past, and which many of which his Harvard allies continue to advance today, appear to be radically out of step with the American mainstream.

Both Harvard and Harvard Law School, particularly at the time Obama attended, are hardly representative of middle America in terms of values and policy preferences. Obama’s time at Harvard, and the views of those who are today supporting him so avidly at Harvard, thus may properly have bearing on his current campaign for president. Both Democratic party activists and the wider public deserve complete and accurate information on the Harvard-Obama connection.

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